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Being charged with any criminal offense is a frightening experience. You need to know your rights under the law and act to protect them immediately – before memories fade, evidence is lost, or witnesses disappear. Don’t wait to get help from a lawyer. The longer your attorney has before trial, (whether it is this law firm, or another) the better and stronger your defense can be.

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Criminal Law Primary Practices

  • Traffic
  • Felonies and Misdemeanors

From Our Clients

This is but a small fraction of the many letters we receive. We appreciate the kind words and it serves as a constant reminder as to why we do what we do. 

EVERY TIME!!…I called your office, you treated me with compassion during that rough time in my life. YOU made it more bearable. Thank you.”

Handwritten Letter From Client

Best lawyer in the business. With out a doubt will represent you to the fullest. Really helped me have a second chance at life an will have a positive impact on ur life as long as ur willing to do so yourself.” 

Dallas R.


Prior to Michael taking over my case, I never met or even seen the guy. This case I was dealing with was a low point in my life. In fact, everything leading up to the moment I met him (on my final court date) nothing looked to be in my favor. I was on the verge of giving up. But the guy took care of business! Never felt more relief in my life. Best lawyer I’ve seen around!



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