When that unfortunate time comes when you or a member of your family finds themselves faced with charges from the Gastonia PD the first step should always be to acquire a trustworthy and committed criminal defense attorney. This is the only way to ensure that the case is successful with a not guilty verdict even if the case goes to trial. We are proficient in both domestic and criminal cases presented in various aspects of criminal law. For criminal defense cases regarding DUI, violent crimes, drug crimes, assault, domestic violence and even juvenile crimes we can handle the case.

In these times of literal trials where the bonds of a family, individual and sometimes an entire community are being tested it’s imperative that all of the right steps are taken immediately after the incident leading to arrest. The best way to ensure that there aren’t any mistakes during this crucial time is to make the very first step after the incident is to call in a qualified and reliable criminal attorney. A good attorney will be there by your side every step of the way which helps to remove a small amount of the fear that is involved in being charged with a crime. This decision can be pivotal in success at the later court date because it will help ensure that the charged individual isn’t taken advantage of by the justice system. Only hire a local lawyer that is familiar with the judicial system – this will ensure that the case is handled according to the nuances of the local court system.

The combined experience of the practicing lawyers at Neece Law Firm make them an easy choice for anyone facing criminal charges in Gastonia. Michael Neece was an Assistant District Attorney in Gaston County for 4 years after working as an Assistant District Attorney in Asheville, North Carolina after acquiring his law degree. With his experience in county court, he is the best choice because he has seen the ins and outs of the Gastonia courthouse. Before his time in front of the jury, Neece studied at various universities from his undergrad to his law school education. Michael Neece first attended University of Virginia’s College at Wise and then went on to graduate from law school at the Appalachian School of Law. Neece Law Firm is confident with absolutely any criminal charge from felonies to general misdemeanors and on to other general areas of law. Call us if you have been charged and you’re looking for help.

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